Easter 2017 

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! With my little boy growing up and is now beginning to understand celebrations of holidays to be fun, eventful and gift given. 

I make journals for him as our days grow and teach him the real meaning behind our holidays but if Jaxon want to be a Christian later in life, I will support his decision and respect his beliefs however I will not raise my son with lies as I was. 

For now we celebrate the Easter traditions of the Scandinavian spring goddess, the new clothes out of respect for her, the hate that represents fertility, the decorated eggs that magically brought happiness, good health, prosperity and protection and the sun rise service, of the ancient sun worshippers in vernal equinox welcome the sun to bring new life in every thing that grows! 

These our the forgotten faiths of the forgotten ancestors that have pave a way for us and is somehow still celebrated but the real meaning behind it was force to be forgotten. 

I am not a religious person but I am a spiritual being that have had thousands of years of human experiences. I won’t never forget the birth of the beliefs people celebrates today. 

Enjoy the pictures!