Proud Psychic Momma 

My fearless son Jaxon. I refer to him as my fearless one because he manages to do things age the age of three that I was always afraid to do as an adult, embraced and take control. 

When I was pregnant with Jaxon, I was over the top excited and couldn’t wait to welcome him into this world but at the same time I was afraid he would be different like me and even more afraid that I will mess him up. 

Being born “gifted”, with normal closed mind parents and family members is challenging. My childhood was very challenging. I didn’t have any support and I was called crazy to the point in one moment in my life, I try to get a spektic psychiatrist to have me committed. I opened her mind to a world that her science taught her people like me don’t and shouldn’t exist because we can’t be proven. Last time I checked, people that specialize in theories that can’t be proven is called genius but we are pegged as crazy because science can’t figure us out? 

My little boy have a support system and because of the encouragement and support he receives from his other gifted family members. I heard him from the other room condemning spirits and other worldly( scary as shit) entities out of his space with great authority in his tone! All I can do was put my hands over my heart and release the emotions that swelled to my eyes and just like that he went back to playing like this is his everyday normal. 

I was through the roof scared at his age and would hide underneath the covers. Him? It’s a different story. He will still come tell me someone is in his room and my first instance is to run with energy ready and pouring through my pours to put up barriers but now, I force myself to stay seated and instruct him to tell them to leave because that is your room and if you don’t want any one to be in your room, you command, don’t ask tell to leave. Boy did he run with it! I couldn’t be prouder. My three year old have mastered what some psychic adults are trying to learn today without fear. 

Thank you for reading