Our normal isn’t their normal 

I have a little brilliant little two almost three year old boy and he can be both frightening and amazing. 

When it comes to bed time it’s hard for him to just stay put and go to sleep just like ever other “two year old”.  We have our terrible twos however it’s different then most people only because with my son being such a strong empath at two he can pick up your thoughts and emotions and play out your frustration like it is his own. 

So this Pyschic Momma have to mediate and find a neutral ground and center myself and block him out so his tantrums don’t escalate. 

So how do I play this out for his day care? I get behavioral reports because they are all being played by a two year old and if they get overwhelmed he will stand his ground and ready himself for a fight or they get frustrated he will act out their frustrations like they are his own. 

Should I tell his teacher? Or shall I allow them to find a way to figure it out on their own with how to deal with an indigo child while not knowing he is an indigo? 

I know it sounds mean. I sit here a read the Fresh Mommy Blog which I love when the lady Tabitha looks and seems so put together, with her prefect home and what looks like well mannered normal children and they all look so happy! Yes the grass does look greener on the other side however a girl can fantasize! Lol 

We are what we are. My son plays with my dog Cocoa who passed July 2007 and he absolutely adore her. Now how many Moms can say “my son plays with my dead dog and have conversations with my grand parents, his great grand parents and his Great-Great Grandmother! Now that he can speak clearer we play the name game, called name that spirit and he does. The sound may be off but it’s close enough to know who just entered the room. 

Jaxon can see spirits however I stop when I was 12 and it was for my own good however I can feel them when they  enter the room, see shadows and see them from my minds eye and sometimes hear them like any other person in a dense form. 

I will ask for guidance from my spirit guides on what this momma should do.  Here’s to visions! 

Thank you 


My Worth as a Woman

I am just like any other woman who has her shit together however that still has a void. A void, yes I said it. I am a single mother as it says in my title somewhere in Intuitive Yoga Momma however I still feel incomplete.

I am currently in a so call relationship with my son’s father however it is so-called and you don’t have to be psychic to see that it is not a relationship that will last to be “til death do us part!” Even as much as I love my son’s father I just wish he would learn to love himself unconditionally so he could understand the meaning of self-worth so he could understand the worth of another. That makes sense to me!

I have been through a lot in the two years he was absent from mine and my son’s life, I’m actually putting it lightly. He walked out on us not once but twice and behaves in such a manner like he is owed something for doing nothing, ungrateful, unappreciative and an ass. I am not perfect and I have flaws. My biggest flaw would be my ability to forgive so easily, but I also like to see it as my strength. I forgive my son’s father so easily because I needed not to speak ill of his father and have ill thoughts that could ruin my ability to be happy and grow in other relationships (not meaning romantically). I didn’t do it for my son, I did it for myself.

I needed to feel weight less without the other crap tagging along trying to make me a screwed up person so I could raise my baby boy with Metta(loving, kindness) in his life. I needed to have the best relationship with myself so I can teach my son and set a positive example of self-love and self-worth. Honoring the light within my self so I could honor it and see it in others.

At the end I have to know my worth and knowing my worth will be the reason of ending a relationship with a man who I love but was to lazy to even try to really love us back because he was to busy self loathing and feeling sorry for himself. just tying this out and reading this breaks my heart slowly because the truth is out. I am in love with a man who doesn’t know my worth as a woman and as the Mother of his son. I don’t think he ever will.

People have asked me as a psychic how could I allow myself to be in a situation that will come to end like this. We don’t know and see everything. Our lives play out just like everyone else but that one day when spirit gives you the sneak peek  of the end, all you can do is brace yourself and prepare of the end of impact.

Thank you for reading