Astral Traveling Toddler 

As a Mom I have my days, as a Mom with “soul abilities” (psychic) I have my challenges.

My two year old is now yelling at spirits to go away when he is being bother and other beings that look like monsters so now he is afraid of the dark when before he only wanted it pitch dark. Now this week he is astral traveling just around the apartment thank God! 

My 2 yr old is astral traveling around the apartment at night! I actually assumed I wouldn’t have to deal with this until he was older so now I worry about other unknown forces that could be crossing the veil just to get to him. 

How I can tell from astral traveling Jaxon and solid form Jaxon is, astral traveling Jaxon only wears a diaper or most times he is nude but last night I was too tried to tell what was going on. 

I woke up around 2am and saw my son sitting up on the sofa, so I walk over to him and teach my arms out to him to pick him up and carry him back to bed to only reach out my arms and he disappears! 

I just stood there and stared at the spot where he was just sitting and then realized that he was only in a diaper when I know I dressed him in his baseball pajamas. I walked over to his bedroom door and turned on the hall light and saw he was fully clothed in his little toddler bed holding on tight to his stuffed giraffe looking so adorable. 

Now now I make sure I take the extra step before bedtime to Reiki his room and say a prayer of protection and advised his guides to protect him by all means as he rest and travels since that is their jobs but the Mother side of me still worry. 

Thank you for reading. 


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