My curse really is a gift from God! 

Last night my son as suppose to be in bed. I was watching a show on my lap top and put it on pause so I could use the bathroom. 

I heard sounds through the door and then I heard a panic voice that yelled my name to come quick. I ran out of my bathroom a just barely caught my dresser from falling on top of my toddler. 

The lap top on my bed illuminated light on top of my dresser where his toy turtle was sitting when he tossed it in the air hours earlier. Being the independent child who he is assumed he could get it himself with no harm. 

I realize that this gift I have called a curse for so long really is a gift from God. About 4 weeks ago I started hearing disembodied voices when before I could only hear spirit in my head(it’s hard to explain). 
It’s woman has been coming to me and I have been sending her away because I didn’t want it but last night that spirit is why my son is unharmed and driving me crazy today. 

I am so blessed, and later I will connect with this woman to see what it is that she wants. I owe her that much.  


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