Today Down, Ready for Tomorrow

Today was a flop, a very big flop. I went to good ole Corporate America and had a classic asthma attack at work! So far for my come back .

After being sick for weeks and just thinking how I we are going to make it through the year depresses me. I could just easily make a large withdraw from a trust but what will that teach me? And most of all, what kind of example will I be making for my son.

I really don’t know what I want anymore!!! I’m psychic but what good is it to be gifted when I can’t see what is coming my way! Frustrating as hell.

How my gift works with some kind of or type of guidance is when I make a decision and it is the right direction I’m choosing, I get an overwhelming feel of joy and excitement. I literally feel like I have to rush into whatever idea just popped into my head. So when I got this leave them in my dust and take no prisoners, I got super excited to return back to work and take my rightful place as one of the K performers! With me taking no prisoners, I don’t care who gets left behind anymore. With me caring it jeopardizes my livelihood.

I could easily do readings and have strangers coming to my door at 3 am crying about an emergency reading like I have no life to sleep for, but that was where I drew the line. Now I have a take charge attitude and it’s time to just kill it and get my ass back into to pumps!


Thank you for reading my single Mom problems



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