Being me, a psychic

I use to cringe at the word “Psychic”! I hated being referred as one and I use to roll my eyes when people referred to my abilities as a super power. I don’t see myself as a person with super powers, I see myself as a person that was born with extra sensors that a normal person wouldn’t be able to identify or relate with.

I have been seeing shadow people who are spirits more than usual, smelling shit and flesh decay in random places around my home and hearing a child running around which I realized when I finally saw him, he is my son Casperrie. I had a Miscarriage and Jaxon was the other baby, the twin that survived the miscarriage. I see have been seeing my Grandmother since she passed away in September 2014. In the morning of her passing she came to me and her exact words was ” I am free!” When I dropped wall (because I am always in block mode but shit still slip through) she was an incredible force of energy! She was beautiful, standing there looking younger than myself (30 something) , happy and in good health. My grandmother was psychic as well. She is always on such a clear frequency that I never mistake or misinterpret what she is  saying. Her first hour of passing on she gave me a nose bleed and she was quite pleased about it. She was already a natural at being a departed. Her smile and her gesture, it made my grieving for her a lot easier.

The other day I pulled out her picture and my son Jaxon yelp out with excitement and said look Mommy, it’s Grandma! I looked outside the window looking for my Mother but my Mother was no where around. I looked back over at him and he was holding her picture showing me my grandmother, his great-grandmother. My son was 8 months old when my Gran passed on. He actually took his first step at her bedside. The look on his face and the grin of excitement. I know she was already standing there in front of him with her arms outs as she was still attached to her vessel. This part of my gift is where I see the blessings of it. My Gran is a nosy woman and she is in everyone’s business and making dreams come true from the other side.

This is my normal, this is my life. I see spirits, pick up on other person’s thought and feelings like they are my own. I can feel things about to happen before it does happen and it is weird for me! I don’t make money using my gift but it does make me great at my job in Corporate America! My manager knows when she needed to understand that what I do can’t be taught to my other team mates. I do feel good about someone backing me up when I do something unexplained. I laugh when she tells me to do my normal.

Thank you for reading….


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