Valentine’s Day Awaking Moment

With Valentine’s Day being two days away I thought I would look at cards to give my Valentine. While standing in the card aisle I realized how uncomfortable and sad I have become by just reading the damn things. I picked up one card and it read about “being grateful and how love you have shown and given me” and that’s when it happened. realization that I can’t buy my Valentine a card because my Valentine does not love me. He can’t love me because he will never allow it because he is to busy hating himself. I have no business being in a relationship with a person who will never grow or learn to love me and never him until he learns to love himself and be done with self hatred.

A person can’t buy a Valentine Day card if that person don’t love them. Having more of a clear picture of the situation, I feel I could no longer be in a relationship where the feeling isn’t mutual. Don’t ever settle because you think or believe this is as good as it gets because it isn’t. Someone out there will know and see your worth through all their pain and anguish. Maybe just maybe you can’t shine bright enough to lead them out of the dark and into the light but our jobs as a loving partner  shouldn’t be the clean up or fixer”. if they think it is because “we love them” then we are being taken advantage and being taken along the selfish ride of self adsorb. I can’t and won’t continue now that I see the truth.

Thank you for reading…





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