How did I get here? 

Trying to figure out how did I get here? 

Being in the year of 2013 I had it all figured out. Teaching yoga and guidance meditation and healing (laying on hands) whenever I got a call! I felt I was for filling my purpose and my calling. 

That same year I conceived and beautiful little boy and gave birth. When I was planning on moving out of the country. I chose motherhood. I felt this was going to be my only chance at it. Later I started to feel I was losing myself in motherhood. I was having a petty party for myself, but then I saw it. 

A sick dog walked up to my son and intuitively he laid his tiny toddler hands on this yorkie name Angel and she just received and smiled. I then realized I am still for filling my purpose. I have been blessed with a mini me. 

It just goes to show that just because life turns a curve ball doesn’t mean you have lost your purpose in life. I have been on the correct path all this time. I just have to embrace the changes that comes with it. 

Thank you for reading 


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