New Year Same Me!!

Happy New Year!!! 

I know people are so much into the new year with thoughts and wishes of a “do over”. To be honest the last digit of the year changed and the calendar started over, we didn’t. With that in mind, I have never been into “The New Years Resolution”, however this year I would like to give it a shot! 

So my New Years resolution is to break up with everyone who has ill intentions for me. 

I have had family members and friends smile in my face and say one thing and mean another(not so good thought). As a psychic I know thoughts can manifest and those ill thoughts toward me manifest into to bad luck and hardship for me. So I’m not going to say “but I love them!” and “but they’re family!” 

I am getting rid of all their asses like an “everything most go sale!” I’m done and I’m tried of struggling and being stressed out all the damn time, so today I went on social media and deleted and block the people that made the list for the cut. After I hit the last delete button I felt a bite of weight lift off my shoulders and it felt good. 

I suffer from post partum depression after giving birth to my son and recently I develop an anxiety disorder. I don’t want to put myself on pills so this is my alternative method; Yoga, Meditation, dieting, laughing and now cutting loose dead weight! 

Thank you for reading.  



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