No More Excuses 

About two years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and that little boy became the light of my life.  

See what I mean? Uber cuteness! However before I became pregnant I was a fitness model, only because I could hold yoga poses while keeping a decent face! After giving birth I had already made the decision to breastfeed. Who wouldn’t, because it free milk and you get to lose tons of weight! Lol 

Everyone is different when it comes to breastfeeding and breastfeeding is a commitment especially if you are a full time working Mom. I got to lose a little weight, bond with my baby and keeping yourself productive to keep producing milk is a whole other subject. So I never got back to my pre-baby weight. 

In November I stopped nursing Jaxon but I never came up with a plan to finally lose weight. When you are breastfeeding just working out and counting calories will make you produce like milk because that extra energy(fuel) your body needs to produce was being burn to burn fat for that beautiful shape one use to have. 

So here I am coming up with a plan to lose weight. I’m going to try the raw food diet for my first week so I can continue and make a new habit and stick to it! A diet should be a lifestyle and not a fad. I’m also going back to some of my old beach body workout videos because it use to keep me toned and in shape before in the past so why wouldn’t it work now. 

So here I sit typing away at 205 pounds and next Monday I will weigh myself to see how I did. So wish me luck. I no longer have no more excuses for staying in this body and besides all my dresses are single digit.  

 Thank you for reading! 


New Year Same Me!!

Happy New Year!!! 

I know people are so much into the new year with thoughts and wishes of a “do over”. To be honest the last digit of the year changed and the calendar started over, we didn’t. With that in mind, I have never been into “The New Years Resolution”, however this year I would like to give it a shot! 

So my New Years resolution is to break up with everyone who has ill intentions for me. 

I have had family members and friends smile in my face and say one thing and mean another(not so good thought). As a psychic I know thoughts can manifest and those ill thoughts toward me manifest into to bad luck and hardship for me. So I’m not going to say “but I love them!” and “but they’re family!” 

I am getting rid of all their asses like an “everything most go sale!” I’m done and I’m tried of struggling and being stressed out all the damn time, so today I went on social media and deleted and block the people that made the list for the cut. After I hit the last delete button I felt a bite of weight lift off my shoulders and it felt good. 

I suffer from post partum depression after giving birth to my son and recently I develop an anxiety disorder. I don’t want to put myself on pills so this is my alternative method; Yoga, Meditation, dieting, laughing and now cutting loose dead weight! 

Thank you for reading.