Jaxon’s 2nd Birthday!!! 

My baby boy Jaxon turned 2 on on Sunday, December 13th and we celebrated it big at Encanto’s Park Enchanted Island Amusement Park and had a blast! 

It rained all day the day before and I prayed for his day to be perfect weather to celebrate his second birthday. Jaxon’s father Zachary his been there and is being consistent in Jaxon’s life since he has came back! So to bring in a second year life with both his parents was something that felt special to me.    

Jaxon and Mommy! 

Pete the Parrot and Moi Selfie!!

Birthday Boy in the morning! 

Birthday Boy Jaxon(the same one) with his cousins Deverk 4 and Idaeus 5 

Jaxon and his balloons! 

 Having a birthday at an amusement park you would think it would be very costly however after paying for the party and the cake the food that was supplied was pretty cheap. I served frozen food store corn dogs, chips and bottles of soft drinks. 

Kids mess over food and drinks so this I believed this was the best idea and the adults loved it too. Food and drinks cost me less than $25.00. I handed out 60 party invitations and the people that made it was the ones that matters most because they took time to share a day with us and all 30 of the park passes was used! ❤️


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