My beginning process for a new path that awaits me!!! 

I have taken a step back to evaluate my life for a moment to see exactly what it is that I am doing so wrong. I am a positive thinker and a happy go lucky kind of person. So I am happy only because years ago found out happiness started from within me. I found a way how to love myself unconditionally by accepting and wmbracing me for as I am! With that came a beautiful light of happiness. That light that people always see that shines around me. 

Now. Even though I’m a content and happy, people are drawn to the light both good and bad. I have had my fair share of all kinds of bad! Trust me. I just have to remember to remind myself what is the intention of the other person to be here with me, sharing my space! 

My space, the space where I exist and stand within my own power! Yes I have a power and I acknowledge it now as my power given to me by God oh mighty himself! My power, however others out there don’t understand MY power and my space and is drawn or intrigued by it. Like as if I’m so exotic creature that remains a enigma to them. Beware of the Takers!!!! The takers is what I call them because they can suck you dry and attempt to leave you in a state of mind of insanity! 

The strange part is when all the lies and betrayal is taking place they don’t see any wrong that is being done by them however believes they deserve more but really what they need to do is find some Jesus and God in the process. 

When I started to feel and see myself becoming a bitter and cursed person I had to take a step back and really look. Then I prayed to God for guidance and asked him to help me fix this! Help me become clear and clean of this. That night when I was sleeping I felt a white light around me and I felt my burdens and bothers lift away from me. 

That morning, the day after my 36th birthday I knew what to do. I cleaned house and changed my energy of the wrong I was attracting by knowing and learning my self worth. 

My self worth. Knowing your self worth and believing you are worthy can help you to see and believe in yourself a way an unworthy person would never be able to believe and understand the concept of the act of unconditional love. When you love yourself unconditionally you find and see that God has been with you and within you all this time. All this time you was never alone, he was there just waiting patiently to see him. Now only a spiritual being would do that, that knows your worth. God is good, and he is always on time. Even if it wasn’t the time we wanted it to be but he is always on time. 

Thank you for reading