Life, Complications and finding Contentment

Life is a beautiful but yet complicated experience. Some smile all the time and say everything is good, my life is fabulous and go home and drink themselves right out of reality to get away from “their fabulous life!” Why? Why do we have to lie to ourselves to get through the day, just to make it to the next day and do this fabulous life thing all over again?

I made a promise to myself 2 months ago, to never live in a lie and not to lie to myself moving forward! My life is not fabulous and full of happiness, however my life is alright fulled with joy! Yes they are two different things!

Happiness is a temporary state of emotion, just like sadness it’s not a feeling that sticks around forever. So I choose to be cheerful and be alright. I can honestly say that I am okay with that. You have to admit being happy and fabulous and trying to stay happy and fabulous can be exhausting! I only say that because attempting to be these two you have to put on a continuous show.

So I have learned how to be content! Yes contentment was and is the way for me. Contentment is defined as the acknowledgement and satisfaction of reaching capacity. I have reached capacity and you can to however you have to be self-aware of you limits and if you want to continue the path of feeling unsettled because of the material possessions in life is not and never will be enough. Think about it this way. when we are born into this world, we are born free and naked and full of trust. We are born naked with trust and we are loved and welcomed into warm loving arms. As we grew we played with sticks and rocks which amazed us and we was full of this unknown continuous laughter that we didn’t know where it begin and end! That’s contentment! The question I asked myself is; How in life as it begin, we was already at our full level of capacity of being content. How did we choose to wonder and become so lost?

I had to learn that everything in life is not in my control, shit is going to happen and when it does to recognize it and acknowledge how it makes me feel,rationalize my feelings and then handle my problems one at a time with grace. I have come a long way. Being a Single Mother, Psychic Golden one, raising and providing for an Indigo Child with no help isn’t easy, however I wouldn’t trade it in for the world!


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