Astral Traveling Baby!!!

My son is 16 months old and last week I came to realize he have started to astral project/ travel early! I know I did it as a child, it’s what got me into so much trouble as a child when other begin to realize and see I wasn’t like most children.

About two weeks ago, I put little Jaxon to bed and begin to get ready for the next day.I was standing in the kitchen washing bottles, sippy cups and other baby dishes when I heard my son say Mama right behind me! I had to think about it for a minute and remembered putting him into his crib. I turned around and saw my son faintly standing there then disappear. I ran into his room and he started to get up from his crib and jump up and down saying Mama over and over again! i was so creeped out by what just happened, I picked up Jaxon and held him close to me as I closed my eyes and opened my third eye to scan the room for spirits. All I picked up was his Spirit Guide that put a thought into my head saying, he is safe and I wouldn’t leave him alone.

At that moment I realized that was my son Astral Projecting to me. I thought to was a spirit playing games with me by showing itself to me as my son, but it was my little Baby Jaxon. As a Mother with an advance child with growing, walking, talking and comprehending. I wasn’t ready for this until he would be about 4 or 5 years old. Well Jaxon has his own agenda and I know now that he can’t be my precious baby boy forever, he is going to grow up and I will have to teach him o=how to protect himself and live without fear. Being an Indigo Child can be a challenging up bring for him, however he has a more supportive people then what I had growing up as a Golden Child. Learning how to Co-exist with your gift as an Adult is going to be even more challenging especially if you work in an office setting.

I am going to trust his Spirit Guides and/or Ancestors to always be there when he travels because we travel usually when we sleep. When I am sleeping I have some sense of awareness and when something is wrong spirit always wakes me up. this is something I have to accept the my baby is growing and isn’t going to be a baby forever.


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