Happy Belated New Year

Happy Belated New Year!!!

It has been a while since my last post about my son’s dead beat father, however a lot has happened. After running into my son’s father back in November 2014 (really he turned tail and ran) my son was very sick, I took a lot of time off to care for him, and I have to pawn my lap top to pay for medicine and diapers that was not apart of my expenses. I was broke and it was a struggle and I learned something for this struggle. What I learn is it keep more money aside for just in case my little guy gets sick.

Jaxon had his 1 year birthday on 12/13/2013 and he held a small party which was a really good turn out as well. I invited a lot of people however the ones that showed up was the ones that mattered the most. Jaxon had an amazing time. He had his Monsters Inc. cake along with good food and presents.

My son is loved unconditionally by all the right people and the icing on the cake is that my Mother, Jaxon’s Grandmother showed up with his two favorites, Balloons, and bubbles! The look on my little guys face when my Mother walked in was so priceless that I had to choke back my tears. At the moment the people who RSVP’d and didn’t show didn’t matter. This moment on my little guys face was what mattered the most!

Thinking about that day helped me realize, that my son is beyond happy! I am doing my job right, Jaxon is either laughing or dancing with the biggest smile on his face without a worry in the world