My Normal

I know some people maybe drawn to my page because I am a “Psychic Intuitive” and just wait to hear an awesome story, however what may be an awesome creeper story to some or most people is my everyday normal.

I don’t get visitors as much as I use to only because my coat closet with is a strong focal place in my home like to open on it own or the light likes to go brighter then deem, then go back to normal. I use to have a touch lamp in my son’s room until spirit likes to entertain him by playing with the lights making it look like a rave! Am I afraid? No and the baby loves the extra attention as well. I have a power and with my power I can protect my household from any negative intention within my home.

When my son is sick, spirit wakes me to give him another dose of his medicine with it time during the middle of the night. I don’t keep a baby monitor or camera in his room only because the shadows in the video feed would weird me out and a couple of times I ran into his room thinking it was an intruder in my home with a baseball and with a baby monitor I can hear spirit saying my sons name, talking and singing to him. After my Grandma passed I left it on because I knew she was coming to him, I listened to my intuition and about 2 something in the morning Jaxon began to cry. As I started to crawl out of my bed, I heard a woman say “Hey! Whatca crying for?” Then I heard the woman began to sing. It was my Grandma! That still brings tears to my eyes. I can sense her and pick up her words of with she say but to actually hear a disembodied voice coming over the monitor comforted me as well.

I have had a fair share of negative entities as well, but I just do an exorcism and go about my business. I can feel when they come in and I can sense when I kick their asses out. Just the same way how people would treat an unwanted guest they demand they leave and when they refuse they call the police but instead I will call someone of the cloth.

If some of you wondered, yes I get insight or have visions, see things I don’t wish to see, deal with spirits and I have a gift called laying on hands. Now I just have an additional title Mom!

I love the life I live and some of the people in it, being psychic is not a curse but it is a birth right, my birth right! And I will teach my son so his abilities won’t feel like a curse to him as he grows older.

Thank you for reading!


Baby’s First Halloween

I can’t imagine after living so many lives in one life time I would be so blessed to have this amazing smart small spiritual being I have to call my son!


Today was Jaxon’s first Halloween and as a first time Mom, I was so excited to have this moment of dressing him up as Buzz Lightyear and having him pretend fly saying ” To infinity and beyond!” I know I am a goober and I would do it forever just to hear his little baby laughs and giggles.

Another one of my worries when I was pregnant with Jaxon was will he be a happy baby with only one parent? His bright eyes and smile tells me I’m on the right track and going a good job!

I can only take one day at a time and hope for the best. Trust me we have our struggles however I try to see the lesson out of every life situation that comes my way and learn from it.

Wish me the best!!
Thank you for reading!