Mommy’s Monday Worries

Happy Monday everybody!!!

I had never been a worrying nor have I ever had a reason to have fear until I have Jaxon. I worry if he will be a happy baby, or if I am going to mess him up in some way. A friend told me when I was pregnant that “All parents in some way mess up their kids. The important thing is to take notice and fix it before it become an issue as we watch our children grow up so we can try to correct what we did wrong and take responsibility for it.” It didn’t feel very reassuring about my new role that I was about to take part in all alone. So all I can think to do was to pray!

Yes psychic’s do pray! I pray all the time for other people but I have never thought to pray for myself but I prayed. I prayed to God for him to make me notice when I come to a point in our life for me to make the right decision with an open heart, without being bias, angry or judgmental. All I can so is so far so good and I haven’t gotten out of the first year yet.

Now my biggest worry was something I didn’t think I will have to deal with so soon. My son is starting to channel. We psychic children channel, it looks like they space out for a period of time or with teachers like to call it “Day Dreaming”. The child care provider thinks something is not right with my 10 month old but I don’t know how to explain to her that Jaxon is a happy healthy baby boy and nothing is wrong with him this is just his Norm (normal). I can tell her he is a psychic(soul ability) child but if she isn’t open she may either be afraid of him or treat him differently.

So if there are any Mommies out there that can give me advice on this I am open to it. If this woman thinks I am neglecting my sons health and well-being people tend to get outsiders involved and I only know this from experience and I don’t want my son to go through what I had to go through with un-necessary testing and etc. just because he is spiritual born aware.

Thank you for reading!


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