Welcome to Motherhood

On December 13, 2013 I did the most remarkable thing a woman can do. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and named him Jaxon Alexander. He will be his namesake with his name meaning “God has been gracious; has shown favor and defender and helper of mankind”. Don’t worry I will not be one Mother’s trying to distill a purpose into my son for I have my own purpose in life and when he becomes of age he will find his path and find his.

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I am a Spiritual-Being having a Human-Experience born with soul (psychic) abilities that has made my life beautiful but yet challenging. I have a Golden aura, and my son has an Indigo aura so he would be label an Indigo Child it me he is just my baby boy who has to be a bit advanced for a 9 month old.

We are just like everyone else that wants just about the same things in life. Being aware (psychic) is our normal. When I am looked at people see a strong single Mother with a happy baby boy who just wants to explore everything within his little baby arms reach.

Why am I starting this Blog? I don’t know, I just feel like this is something I needed to do. When everyone learns about my gift/power I noticed later I am treated differently and now I have a baby that is also just as gifted, it worries me how my son will be treated. I am assuming this is a normal concern a parent would have for the well being of their child. So I feel like I needed to do this just to show at the end of the day we are people too that has goals and dreams in life and that we are judged by or character and not by our extra bits.



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